Origini pizzeria all'incrocio - Pizzeria all'Incrocio
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I remember…

“I remember my first pizza.
My father brought home a sea-food style pizza.
He seasoned it with our lunch leftovers:
three anchovies, some capers, and two drops of sea water.

We ate it while standing, a simple event”.
Our pizza is this: the snapshot of a memory.
We have always been committed to making it thin, crispy and digestible.
An experience that satisfies both your
body and mind.

We have been making it with passion, our own style, since 1988.
We carefully select every single ingredient,
using only raw materials and quality flours,
always attentive to the processing techniques
for its essential ingredients and kneading.

Rosaria e Gennaro


Telephone 0422 230204


Piazzale Pistoia, 4, 31100 Treviso TV

Opening hours

Lunedì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Martedì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Giovedì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Venerdì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Sabato12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
DomenicaChiuso18:45 - 00:30

Public and free