Ingredienti pizzeria all'incrocio - Pizzeria all'Incrocio
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Our pizza’s magnificent 4


They are the fundamental components that give life to our pizza, as you know it:
crunchy, fragrant, soft and digestible.


Mixing flour and water together with the other ingredients, triggers a vital process: the dough is a living product, and that is why there are no specific recipes. They are just useful cues from which to create a unique pizza, day by day.


Oil for durum wheat and spelt pasta
by Senator Cappelli

Lard for wheat pasta:

it prolongs dough
freshness because it isolates the starch, creating
a softer final product.

Cane sugar:

it feeds yeast, stimulates fermentation,

emphasising the taste and caramelisation of the crust.



it determines the dough
consistency and reactivates the proteins

Slightly-aged Pecorino cheese of Cervia:

it gives flavour,
stabilises the dough and gives
that typical golden colour to the crust.


Mother yeast:

completely natural,
it is maintained over time
and makes the dough more digestible.

The leavening is done organically.


Based on the type of flour,
different raising times,
must be followed,
in order to give, taste and longevity to the dough.

Only quality products


We only use top quality products in our restaurant.
For pizza dough we use wheat, spelt and durum wheat flour
by Sanator Cappelli, coming from natural-growing agriculture.


Our mozzarella is organic.


Our tomato sauce is made integrally with Italian tomatoes.


The vegetables are chosen according to season and freshly prepared every day.


Cheeses, cured meats, meat and fish are carefully selected among the best Italian artisan companies and proposed in accordance with the current season.


Spices and perfumes are used sparingly in our recipes.

Gli impasti delle nostre pizze


La pasta di frumento
Ingredienti: farina di tipo 1 e farina integrale di frumento coltivato in Sicilia, farina manitoba biologica, sale grosso, zucchero di canna, strutto, lievito madre, acqua.


La pasta di farro
Ingredienti: farina biologica di farro monococcum, sale grosso, zucchero di canna, olio extravergine di oliva, lievito madre, acqua.


La pasta di grano duro antico Senator Cappelli
Ingredienti: farina biologica di grano duro antico Senator Cappelli, sale grosso, zucchero di canna, olio extravergine di oliva, lievito madre, acqua.


Telefono 0422 230204


Piazzale Pistoia, 4, 31100 Treviso TV

Orari di apertura

Lunedì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Martedì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Giovedì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Venerdì12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
Sabato12:00 - 14:3018:45 - 00:30
DomenicaChiuso18:45 - 00:30

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